We bring the big league to you!

The Wiffle Ball Package:

  • Outfield fence with distance markers
  • Painted foul lines, batter’s box, and coaches’ boxes
  • Bases, bats, and balls
  • Scoreboard
  • Foul poles
  • American flag and flag pole
  • Bunting
  • Complete set-up and clean-up of the field

Knock Your Next Event "Out Of The Park"!

Fun Fieldz will take the ball game out to you!  Imagine a complete wiffle ball field in your own backyard!  We custom fit the field to fit your location including the outfield fence, foul lines, American flag, bunting and so much more. You can choose between our “Classic” field with a 4 ft high fence, or upgrade to “Funway Park” with a monstrous 10 ft high, 50 ft long left field fence to conquor.

Ready to have Fun Fieldz at your next event?