The Fun Fieldz Experience

At Fun Fieldz, we work hard to provide more than just a field…we provide an experience.  It’s an experience that will leave everyone who plays on a Fun Field a lasting impression and life long memories.  Now, EVERYONE has the opportunity to live out their sports dreams right in their own backyard.  Kids of all ages can come together and have the experience of staring in the big game, scoring the winning goal, and being the MVP.  This is what the Fun Fieldz Experience is all about!

It’s About the Details

We sweat the small stuff to bring the most authentic big league experience to any location.  Details like a painted scale replica field, an American flag, and even our optional Master of Ceremonies announcing the line-ups, are carefully crafted to make your experience unique and truly memorable.

It’s About the Fun

Fun is in our blood, it is in our nature, it is in our name.  Fun Fieldz is centered around making any event a fun time for all.  The appeal reaches out to all who are young at heart and excites the kid in all of us.

It’s About Family and Friends

Fun Fieldz is a unique way to bring kids, adults, family and friends together to play.  Whichever sport you choose, Fun Fieldz will find a way to have everyone participate and build lasting memories.

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